We build differently. We’re enthusiastic about who we work with,
we have a good time working and we strive to build inspiring spaces throughout San Diego and beyond.

Reflected in the buildings we’ve created throughout San Diego and Southern California,
we like to make the building process fun, using the latest technology, the highest quality contractors, and a spirit of curiosity for new ideas.

Pre-Construction Services

So much intricate detail goes into the planning of a building. From value-added estimations to project management and scheduling, to ensuring that when the contractors start putting together a foundation; things work seamlessly. With our combined years of expertise and our large Pre-Construction Department, we can make sure that your building pre-construction plans make sense. Whether you’re a PM or a building owner, our team will ensure you have nothing to worry about.

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Construction Services

When the time comes to start demolition, laying down the foundation and going vertical we ensure your building is on track for completion. Our experienced team of Project Managers, Superintendents and Job Site Staff are here to take care of you. From weekly meetings, daily updates via web-based software, aerial drone photography updates, we always provide the latest in technology ensuring your building gets built right, but also that it’s a fun process.

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Our Team

At Dempsey, we value our team because after all, a company is made up of the people that work hard every day.

Send the team at Dempsey Construction a Message!

We love hearing from you whether you want to send over a message regarding a new building, start an estimating process, or help us put together a bid, you can always send us a message from this form throughout the site, or give us a call direct. We can't wait to hear from you.